10 Proven Benefits for Cryogel® Insulation

Cryogel® insulation has been trusted by the world's 25 largest refining companies. This begs the question of: why do they use it? This article will cover 10 reasons why companies use this specific insulation material for their cryogenic applications.

About Cryogel® insulation

Cryogel® is an insulation material which can be used at temperatures as low as -200°C. The material is a patented nanotechnology form of silicate aerogel insulation with a non-woven, glass-fibre batting to strengthen the material. Cryogel® can be made in specific dimensions providing a custom solution for your cryogenic application area.

Why Cryogel®?

The low thermal conductivity makes the material an obvious choice in thermal management where it offers thin and lightweight configurations. Cryogel® Z offers are a wide range of properties which offer plant owners access to a material suitable is in all kind of installations.

Insulcon - Aerogel Cryogel Z Application insulation - Aerogel superisolatie

Examples of applications

Gas liquefaction & re-gasification facilities
Cryogenic pipelines
Gas tanks
Valves and flanges
Risers and loading arms

10 Proven Benefits

✓ Fast installation

Applying Cryogel® Z does not require extensive labour and on average it decreases around 50% of the installation hours in comparison to competing products. Insulcon can provide you with installation instructions which will help you to install the material fast. Workers can install Cryogel® Z with various finishes such as all forms of jacketing, metal cladding, PVC, mastic glass-mastic, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), polymeric and asphalt membrane systems.

✓ No need for contraction joints

Cryogel® Z has an expansion coefficient similar to steel which means contraction joints are not necessary. This makes installation easier and quicker, less chance of errors during installation and no leaks/cold bridges occurring as a result of failing joints.

✓ Reusable material

Inspections, maintenance, repairs and modifications on installations usually leads to existing insulation materials being replaced. With Cryogel® Z you can simply remove the material when required and put it back when work on the installation has finished.

✓ Enables installation in narrow spaces

The low thermal conductivity of Cryogel® Z allows engineers to design thinner configurations with the same thermal properties as competing configurations. This also allows Cryogel® Z to be used in hard to reach applications which makes installation easier.


Aerogel thickness comparison | Cellur Glass | Pur Pir

✓ Lower shipping volume

Tailor made products will be packed flat which reduces volume for transportation. Lower shipping volume requires less handling and reduces the overall shipping costs.

✓ 4-in-1 solution

The material offers distinct advantages next to the excellent thermal insulation properties. Cryogel® Z can also be used in passive fire protection (PFP) H and J rated systems. Thereafter, the material allows for cryogenic spill protection and acoustic attenuation. This allows for a one stock-keeping unit solution for multiple solutions.

✓ Low thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity different materials

✓ Passive fire protection (PFP)

Cryogel® Z was tested according to OTI-95 634 jet fire curve and the hydrocarbon curve according to UL1709 and configurations for use in industrial passive fire protection solutions are available. 

✓ Cryogenic Spill Protection

The outstanding insulation properties combined with the material remaining flexible even when exposed to sudden cryogenic temperatures makes sure Cryogel® keeps its integrity and insulation abilities in case of a cryogenic spill. These properties make it an excellent choice as a cryogenic spill protective material for piping, equipment and constructions.

As the Cryogel® offers both PFP and CSP in the same application. Cold spill does not degrade the passive fire protective properties of the insulation material, which makes it for an obvious choice in LNG service.

✓ Acoustic Insulation

When acoustic attenuation is also required Cryogel® Z offers configurations to meet to ISO 15665 class A2, B2, C2, and Shell D2 are available.

Example of industries

Oil & Gas Industry - used at the world's 25 largest refining companies.
(Petro-) Chemical Industry - installed by the top 20 petrochemical companies.
Offshore - thin and durable for pipe applications. Certified with IMO Part 2 and 5.

Custom-made shapes

In order to meet and exceed projects’ schedules workers have to take weather delays, production delays, inefficient logistics into account. With the use of our state-of-the-art machinery, such as CNC controlled water jet cutting machines we are able to deliver all your products tailored to your specific cryogenic application.

Insulcon's in-house engineering department fully equipped to support you in determining the desired dimensions and designs. We have successfully supplied many projects with tailor-made Cryogel® Z intended for the insulation of application areas such as straight pipes, elbows, T-pieces, reducers, flanges, valves, vessels and other equipment, with the advantage of better packing efficiency, and quickly taped in place. For more technical information please visit our datasheets below.





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