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  • Nappes

    Our range of lightweight blankets are manufactured from refractory ceramic (Fiberfrax) or body soluble (Insulfrax and Isofrax) fibres and provide effective solutions to a wide spectrum of thermal management problems. Blankets are available in several densities (like 64 kg/m3, 96 kg/m3, 128 kg/m3 and 160 kg/m3) and in several thicknesses (1/2", 1", 3/4" and 2") up to 1600°C. We also have a wide variety of special fibre blankets.

    Typical Applications are:

    * High temperature furnace and kiln linings

    * Boiler insulation

    * High temperature gaskets and seals

    * Pipe and duct insulation

    Next to this range of standard blankets, all blankets can be die-cutted according to your specific wishes, using computerized die-cutting machinery.