The Insulcon Group

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  • Insulcoat 180FF, 150FF, 180 et 150

    Insulcoat coating cements 180 and 150 FF is a fibre free ceramic material blended with inorganic additives to provide air setting refractory coatings or bonding agents. When dried, Insulcoat Coating Cements provides a hard surface which is highly resistant to erosion and flame abrasion. Insulcoat Coating Cements 180 and 150 contain milled ceramic fibres blended.

    Typical applications for Insulcoat coating cements are:

    * Coating for moulds for high purity liquid metal and molten glass

    * Oxidation barrier for aluminium dip tubes, cast iron thermocouple tubes and galvanising tanks

    * Protective coating for molten aluminium distribution systems and associated implements

    * Electrical insulation coating for core liners of induction furnaces

    * Infrared radiating surface for heating elements

    * Adhesive for ceramic parts

    All Insulcoat coating cements are manufactured at our plant in the Netherlands.