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  • The new Insulfrax LT Blanket

    We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our expanding Insulfrax product range – Insulfrax LT Blanket.

    By utilising the latest manufacturing techniques we have developed a unique product with a significant increase in the fibre content and a reduction in the fibre diameter. The result of these enhanced physical properties is a blanket that offers the same benefits as the standard Insulfrax S blankets but with improved thermal performance and handleability.

    This product will benefit end users who are seeking to increase energy savings or simply reduce the cold face temperatures of their systems. Other advantages include the reduction in the thickness and weight of insulation, leading to space savings or associated material savings.

    In addition to the improved thermal properties, the blanket also exhibits excellent handling characteristics. The thinner fibres and reduced shot content give the finished product a softer feel, therefore reducing skin irritation during use.

    Insulfrax LT Blanket is currently available to order in standard densities of 96 and 128 kg/m³ and standard thicknesses of 13, 25, 38 and 50mm. Product samples are available upon request.