The Insulcon Group

Leader in high temperature solutions - Refractories, Wearflex Expansion Bellows, Refrex and Textile Products

  • Insulcon joins the Ipcom Group

    On June 25th 2015, IPCOM NV, a Belgian group of European companies, specialized in the distribution and manufacturing of insulation products, has acquired all shares of the Insulcon Group, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of high temperature solutions for the thermal process industry.

    The acquisition of Insulcon fits in the strategy of Ipcom to become a leading European supplier of insulation products and solutions for the thermal process industry and the construction business.

    Today Ipcom has strong market positions in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, Hungary and Rumania and is aiming to further expand its activities in Europe.

    Being part of the Ipcom Group Insulcon will be able to continue its successful growth story of the last decades and deploy its full innovation potential within a rapidly changing and dynamic market environment.

    As before, the Insulcon Group will be managed by Mr. Patrick Noppen and his skilled and experienced management team, supported by the Ipcom Management.

    About Insulcon:

    With headquarters and production facilities in the Netherlands (Insulcon BV), a sales office and a production facility of high temperature textile products in Belgium (Keramab NV), a sales office in Germany (Insulcon GmbH) and several agents throughout the world, the Insulcon Group has grown into the leading supplier of energy saving refractory materials and systems for various thermal related industries and manufacturer of Wearflex® high temperature heatshields, flexible seals and expansion joints. Insulcon was founded in 1980 and with the experience of over 160 dedicated, specialized professionals in development, trouble shooting, production, marketing & sales has grown into the matching partner and supplier for all thermal- and energy related applications. The Insulcon Group offers its worldwide customers the highest quality products, innovative systems, service, support and fast delivery.

    About Ipcom:

    Ipcom, Insulation Products Company, is a Belgian group of European companies specialized in the distribution and manufacturing of thermal insulation, passive fire protection, acoustic insulation and high temperature products for technical insulation, construction business and the thermal process industry. Founded in 2010 Ipcom has rapidly grown to become a market leader in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Hungary and Rumania. Based on a strategy of growth and value creation, it is Ipcom’s aim to gain and sustain a leading position within the European market.