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  • HT Composite; The perfect substitute for high thermal loaded thin-walled metal constructions!

    HT Composite is composed of high-temperature-resistant ceramic endless filaments and a matrix based on metal oxides such as SiO2, Al2O3 and Mullite. The material is heat resistant 950°C-1300°C up to (briefly up to 1500°C) and has exceptional thermal shock resistance.

    The manufacturing of HT Composite is based on lamination, comparable with the production of fiber-reinforced plastics. With special technical equipment it is possible to produce sheets, tubes and complex, thin-walled lightweight structures. (Thicknesses possible from 0,5-10 mm).

    Therefore the HT Composite is the perfect substitution for high thermal loaded thin-walled metal constructions and can be used in numerous applications (even in a reducing atmosphere).

    Typical applications:

    Burner technology, e.g. flame tubes, static mixers, porous burners;

    Electrically insulating sheets, edge protection, chip guard for heating elements;

    Aluminium casting, thin-walled launder pieces (zero accumulation!);

    Protection of tubes and sheets;

    Micro wave resistant non-metallic thin formed shapes and structures.